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UAB Baltic Peat was founded to specialize in production of sphagnum peat moss. UAB Baltic Peat designs and develops environmentally friendly innovative peat products and their production technologies. We are managing big area of peat moss. Our company makes innovative peat litter products for poultry, cattle and horse farms. Our peat litter introduces added-value product to the livestock market. UAB Baltic Peat is based in Lithuania but has clients in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. We see great potential in using peat litter for bedding in poultry farming. Company works in joint science projects with Vytautas Magnus University and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Our customers

UAB Baltic Peat makes peat litter for suppliers, importers, and distributors of food, medical preparations and poultry farms equipment planning companies.

UAB Baltic Peat as a market analyzes updated information about the situation in world's poultry market and can propose the best characteristics peat litter.

UAB Baltic Peat full meets the needs of their clients they one willing to get peat litter at the lowest cost, obtaining the peat products of highest quality and will get your goods in the shortest period of time possible.

Our peat litter characteristics
  • Very high absorption properties
    A unique granulation technology of peat, will allow us for several times to increase the moisture absorption. Due to the absorption of ammonia and hydrogen sulphite, there would not be any longer strong malodorous odor of bird breeding farms. At present, we use a lot of energy to remove malodorous odor, and there are a lot of costs for the equipment to eliminate the odor.
  • Save energy
    The use of new peat litter would significantly reduce the problem of small particles in the air. The user would save energy on air purification and equipment. This would reduce the chance of spreading viral, bacterial diseases.
  • Creature comfort and health
    Sorbent absorption and bactericidal properties would affect the bacterial contamination of the litter. The risks of diseases caused by the main pathogens in poultry farming would be reduced. The use of vaccination and other medical products would be reduced.
  • Farm productivity
    Due to healthier microclimate in poultry farms the productivity of each farm would increase. The level of sick poultry and mortality in poultry farming would be reduced.
  • Ecology
    Our clients would reduce their costs on ecological litter and its recycling, utilization. After use, Peat litter is a very good fertilizer for the plants.

Granulated peat litter sorbent

UAB Baltic Peat has developed granular organic peat litter sorbent which biocide properties were tested with Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Escherichia coli. This peat liter samples have decreased the rate of reproduction of mentioned above bacteria more than 150 times. This solution could save millions of euros for poultry farming businesses.

The granular organic peat litter sorbent and the method of obtaining granular peat litter sorbent was developed and has been patented. UAB Baltic Peat has tested the biocide, absorption properties of granular peat litter sorbent. Absorption properties of peat litter sorbent depend on different types of peat and species composition, the moisture capacity indicator varies very widely within this range. The highest moisture capacity is possessed by peat moss - peat with a small degree of decomposition. Our developed peat litter sorbent water absorption reaches 1000-1800% (calculated on an absolutely dry matter).

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Email: info@balticpeat.eu
Phone: +370 67653060
Address: Pramones str. 12, LT-65206, Varena, Lithuania